“It’s ALL Theater And You’re Being Played”

It’s nearly impossible to comprehend how exhaustive and convincing is the acting coming out of D.C., other world gvmts and mega-corps. But you already know that the CIA infiltrated Hellywood from it’s inception, is complete mutual collaboration untenable? The training and instruction goes both ways, they are one and the same devilish entity. The war against our minds cannot be won in the natural. “It’s all a game and the masses are being played. The sooner Christians come to terms with this truth the better, simply put, they are all actors and they are all following a script and the fact of the matter is many Christians believe that this reality show is reality β€” it’s not, it’s all theater and you’re being played.” β€” J.D. Farag, www.jdfarag.org |

Twin Tower City is a Demonic Psy-op. “The year is 2023. War rages in another world. The Forces of Light led by Don Triumph face a sinister Dark Cabal. In Twin Tower City, dominated by the imposing Triumph Tower, the Patriots make their final stand. Here and now, on the precipice of destruction, they must find the will to overcome an entrenched 6000-year-old enemy. Twin Tower City is a new type of NFT that transcends traditional NFT categories. It combines the best elements of digital collectibles, trading cards, playing cards, online gaming, stunning digital artwork, and powerful storytelling. … Disclaimer: Twin Tower City is satire. Characters are fictional. Content should not be taken seriously.” β€” Twin Tower City

HT: Clip cut from from R$E’s, The Woman Rides the Beast (2024) β€” www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NE4ngGmAMs

“so that we may not be exploited by Satan (for we are not ignorant of his schemes). …for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will correspond to their actions”. β€” 2 Corin. 2:11 + 2 Corin. 11:14 NET

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