Are You Believing A Lie?

This is an unconventional look at the topic of the shape of the earth, without using ‘proofs’ or ‘debunking’, but approached from the perspective of historical and social conditioning.

Topics discussed include:

  • The disinformation propaganda campaign against ‘flat earth’
  • The ‘mockumentary’: “Flat Earth, to the Edge and Back” starring Logan Paul (employed by Disney)
  • Disney as a programming site and has a long record of associations with Monarch victims/government entities
  • YouTube changed algorithms to block videos about Flat Earth or 911 Truth. Censorship has only escalated exponentially in subsequent years
  • Logical fallacies regarding the flat earth movement are explained, such as the ‘bandwagon fallacy’, ‘appeal to authority, ‘personal incredulity’, ‘strawman argument’, ‘burden of proof’, etc
  • A look at who owns corporations, media agencies, agriculture, and medical institutions and why they have a vested interested in preserving ‘the globe’
  • Operation Bloodstone or Operation Paperclip show origins of NASA
  • Discussion about ‘agents of influence’ (journalists, academics quoted by the media, celebrities, some politicians, and internet influencers) and how they anchor beliefs in people
  • Heliocentrism, or Copernicanism, is a sun-centered model and a religion (Helios was the god of the sun)
  • Alchemy and Hermetic magick feature in the origins of the scientific revolution. Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Copernicus were all interested in alchemical ideas and hermetic principles
  • Ground zero for the birth of modern ‘science’ is the Royal Society. Virtually all of the Royal Societies’ founding members were Freemasons
  • Freemasonry is part of the Mystery Religions and instrumental in coordinating the generational globe earth lie
  • Mystery religions worship the planets and the sun – they are all named after their gods
  • From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible describes the earth as flat and stationary
  • The educational system, as well as children’s media, reinforces the globe and planets continuing the cycle of lies
  • Public schools, medical schools, universities, and natural science schools were founded and funded by John D. Rockefeller and must teach the required curriculum
  • Analysis of the roles of Freemasonry, Kabbalah, Jesuits, and Alchemy in the propagation of disinformation to the masses
  • The Catholic Church was never against the Heliocentric Universe; a Catholic priest ‘discovered’ the Big Bang TheoryProbablyAlexandra